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ICOR 2020 Havana, Cuba

La escalinata de la Universidad de la Habana







Havana (Cuba), March 3-6, 2020

At the Campus of the University of Havana

San Lazaro y L, Vedado



Organized by

Universidad de La Habana

Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne


Co sponsors

Asociación Latinoamericana de Investigación Operativa

Sociedad Cubana de Matemática y Computación

Asociación Cubana de Investigación Operacional


Aims of the Conference


ICOR conferences promote the exchange of experiences about applications of OR and computing issues in the management of big data analysis for the sustainable socio-economic development and human welfare. We foster contributions on theoretical results on mathematical methods, management of  big data and business intelligence related to human health, environment and regional development. Experiences on OR education, for strengthening capabilities in the application and cross-fertilization between different topics of the workshop, are welcome. We invite researchers to organize special sessions devoted to one specific topics or to the application of different approaches to a particular problem.


  The conference covers contributions on:


Artificial Intelligence

Big Data



Business Intelligence

Management Sciences

Mathematical Economics


Numerical Analysis

Probability and Statistics

Operations Research Applications

Operations Research Education


Transport and Logistics


Organizing Committee

Raúl Guinovart Diaz( Dean, Facultad de Matemática y Computación), Genry Pérez, Danay Pérez Arjona, Dafne García de Armas


Program Committee

Honour Chair: Prof. Dr. Miriam Nicado García, Rectora de la universidad de la Habana

S. Allende [Chair, Havana], L. Álmeida [Havana], M.L. Baguer [Havana], J.M. Bardet [Paris 1], C. Bouza [Havana], G. Bouza [Havana], J. Cochran (Alabama), M. Cottrell [Chair, Paris 1], J. Daduna [Berlin], A. Fernández [Havana], J.F. Garcia [Villa Hermosa], A. Gutterman [Moscow], C. Hardouin, [Paris Ouest Nanterre], D. Haughton [Bentley], R. Kalid  [Bahía], R. Keller [California], M. A. León [Pinar del Río], A. Marrero [Havana]], J. Miranda [Santiago de Chile], G. Molenberg [Hasselt],  M. Olteanu [Paris 1], B. Oviedo [Quevedo], L. Plà [Lleida],  J. Randon-Furling [Paris 1], J. Rodriguez [Villa Clara], A. Ruiz [Havana],  J. Rynkiewicz [Paris1], J. Rückman [Bergen], L. Sandoval [Puebla],  M. Sautto [Acapulco], V. Sistachs [Havana], Z. Shkedy [Hasselt], R. Stolletz [Mannheim], Ch. Tammer [Halle], J.L. Verdegay [Granada], B.-A. Wickström [Budapest].


Registration and General Information

 Prof. Dr. Sira Allende Alonso                Prof Dr. Marie Cottrell

Fac. Matemática y Computación                 SAMM Université Paris 1

Universidad de La Habana                 Panthéon-Sorbonne

   Cuba                                                 France

sira@matcom.uh.cu                 marie.cottrell@univ-paris1.fr


Alert : send a copy to gemita23@gmail.com


Confirmed Plenary or Main Talks

  • Marie COTTRELL  (University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), Quantitative Methods for Big Data
  • Diego HERNAN PELUFFO- ORDOÑEZ, (Yachay Tech, Ecuador), Generalized ModelKernels
  • Ramayya KRISHNAN, (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Opportunities at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research
  • Jean-Charles LAMIREL, (University of Strasbourg, France)
  • Rema PADMAN, (Carnegie Mellon University, USA), Healthcare Informatics and Analytics'
  • Fotios PASIOURAS, (Montpellier, France), Assessing Social Environmental and Financial Performance with a Composite Index
  • Jan-J. RUCKMANN, (University of Bergen, Norway), Strongly Stable C-Stationary Points for Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraint
  • Joseph RYNKIEWICZ, (University of Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne), Deep Learning y Statistics
  • Ralph E. STEUER, (University of Georgia, USA), Computing Equally-Sized Cones on a Sphere for Use in Multicriteria Optimization with Distributed Processing
  • Jose Luis VERDEGAY, (University of Granada, Spain), Soft Computing for Analyzing Big Data and HDD




Submission of Abstracts and papers

Researchers interested in presenting their research results in the conference, will submit an abstract (only in English language) of about 250 words (to appear in the Abstract Booklet) and an Extended Abstract (3 - 5 pages) to be published in a digital Conference Proceeding.

Full versions of the papers presented at the conference can be submitted to the journal Investigación Operacional with no additional cost.


Important dates

Deadlines for abstracts:  <del>January 5, 2020 </del>


Information about acceptance of the presentation: February 5, 2020

Latest date for payments of participants with an accepted presentation: February 20, 2020


 Information about Registration and Fees Payment.

 Fees before February 15, 2020


220 CUC Foreign participants             250 CUP Cuban participants

100 CUC Foreign students                   250 CUP Cuban Students

100 CUC Accompanying persons


Fees after February 15, 2020


250 CUC Foreign participants             250 CUP Cuban participants

120 CUC Foreign Students                  120 CUP Cuban Students

100 CUC Accompanying persons


 Fees at desk


280 CUC Foreign participants                250 CUP Cuban participants

140 CUC Foreign Students                    

100 CUC Accompanying persons


The registration fees  include:

  • Participation in opening ceremony
  • Participation in socio-cultural activities
  • Welcoming cocktail, lunchs  (Wednesday, Thursday),  farewell lunch (Friday)
  • Conference Dinner and a Volume of Abstracts



You may use  http://icor.cubagrouplanner.com  for paying the registration fees. The person in charge is

Yanet Bellón Landa.  Email: yanet.bellon@solways.com


Especialista en Eventos / Events Specialist Centro de Negocios Miramar/Miramar Trade Center. Edificio Santa Clara Oficina 403/Calle 3era entre 76 y 78.Miramar .Playa



Please, fill up the registration form and send it by mail to

 sira@matcom.uh.cu                 marie.cottrell@univ-paris1.fr




Submission of Abstracts and papers


Those researchers interested in presenting their results in the conference must submit an abstract in English of about 250 words (to appear in the Abstract Booklet) and an extended abstract (2-5pages). The conference is bilingual. The presentations may be in Spanish or English but the slides must be written in English.


The structure of the abstract should be as follows



Author 1* Author 2*,

* Institution 1, Country

**Institution 2, Country.


Keywords: Keyword 1; keyword 2;…..

The structure of  extended abstract should be:


Author 1* Author 2* Author 3**,

* Institution 1, Country

**Institution 2, Country.


Keywords: Keyword 1; keyword 2; …..


Section 1, Section2




Authors of the papers presented at the conference will be invited to submit a reviewed version to the journal Investigación Operacional with no additional cost.They will be evaluated using a double blind refereeing process.


Université de la Havane
SAMM - Statistique, Analyse et Modélisation Multidisciplinaire