12th ICOR 2016

March 8-11, 2016, Havana, Cuba
mercredi 24 juin 2015



Operations Research

Havana ; March 8-11, 2016

Dedicated to 50th Anniversary of the journal Investigación Operacional

Monique Florenzano in Memoriam

The Conference will take place at Hotel Riviera, Paseo y primera, Habana.

Last minute change :
Deadlines for abstracts : January 31, 2016

Plenary Themes : Optimization, Probability and Statistics, Mathematical Economic, Differential Equations, Algorithms, Teaching on Operations Research


Organized by :

Universidad de La Habana

SAMM - Université Paris 1, Panthéon–Sorbonne

Co sponsors :

- Asociación Latinoamericana de Investigación Operativa (ALIO)
- Sociedad Cubana de Matemática y Computación (SC Investigación Operacional).
- Asociación Mexicana de Estadística
- American Statistical Association
- Institute for Operational Research and the Management Sciences, INFORMS

Registration and General Information

Prof. Dr. Sira Allende Alonso, Fac. Matemática y Computación, Universidad de La Habana, Cuba

Prof. Marie Cottrell, SAMM, Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

Organizing Committee

Raul Guinovart Diaz : Decano de la Facultad de Matemática y Computación, Universidad de la Habana

Genry Pérez, Universidad de la Habana

Danai Arjona, Universidad de la Habana

Program Committee

S. Allende [Chair, Havana], L. Alvarez [Havana], A. Arcos [Granada], M.L. Baguer [Havana], C. Bouza [Havana], G. Bouza [Havana], R. Caballero [Málaga], J. Cochran [Alabama], B. Cornet [Paris 1- Kansas], M. Cortés [Cienfuegos], D. Covarrubias [Chilpancingo], F. Cucker [Hong Kong], M. Cottrell [Chair, Paris 1], J. Daduna [Berlin],M. Davidian [N. Carolina], A. Fernández [Havana], P. Gaubert [Paris 12], P. Gourdel [Paris 1], J.Guddat [Honor Chair, Berlin], C. Hardouin, [Paris Ouest Nanterre], S. Hernandez [Xalapa], G. Joya [Malaga], B. Lopez [Las Palmas], M. A. León [Pinar del Río], A. Marrero [Havana], M. Negreiros [Fortaleza], M. Nicado [Havana], M. Olteanu [Paris 1], J. Otero [Havana], L. Pedreira [La Coruña], L. Pla [Lleida], M. Rodríguez [Havana] , A. Ruiz [Havana], J. Ruckmann [Bergen], Ch.Tammer [Halle], L. Sandoval [Puebla], V. Sistachs [Havana], J.L. Verdegay [Granada], B.-A. Wickström [Budapest], A. Xavier [Rio de Janeiro]

Aim of the Conference

The scope of the conference is intentionally broad. It is devoted to aspects of modeling, computational handling, and applications of the listed topics. Original contributions and interesting applications are welcome. We foster papers that provide cross-fertilization between these topics. We invite researchers to organize stream sessions not only dedicated to a certain topic but to different approaches to the same problem as well.


Optimization : Linear, Nonlinear, Discrete, Parametric, Stochastic Optimization.

Probability and Statistics : Biostatistics, Multivariate Analysis, Neural Techniques for Data Mining, Probability and Stochastic Processes, Reliability, Statistical Inference, Sampling.

Differential Equations : Applications to Biology and Medicine, Coalitional Equations, Control and Inverse Problems, Fluid Mechanics and Coastal Dynamics, Homogenization, Mean Field Games.

Mathematical Economics : Financial Modeling, Games Theory, Mathematical Models for Economic Problems, Microeconomic Theory.

Numerical Analysis and Algorithms : Graph Theory, Geometric Computation, Meta-Heuristics, Neural Networks, Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Solution of Differential and Differential-Algebraic Equations.

Multicriteria Decision Making : Decision Support Systems Multi-Objective Optimization.

Dynamical Models : Dynamical Systems, Optimal Control, Stability.

Management Sciences : Banking and Financing, Logistics (Routing, Scheduling, Inventory), Marketing.

Operations Research Education : Teaching Effectiveness, TICS, Postgraduate Education on OR.

Confirmed Plenary or Main talks

- Charles Bouveyron (Université Paris-Descartes), Model-based clustering of functional data : application to the analysis of bike sharing systems

- James Cochran (University of Alabama), The Importance of Collective Science

- Paul Doukhan (Université de Cergy-Pontoise), A new vision of extreme values theory under dependence

- Martin Grötschel (President Berlin-Brandeburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities), Digital Humanities and Operations Research

- L. Robin Keller (University of California, Irvine), A Markov decision tree model to evaluate cost-effectivness of cervical cancer treatments

- José Luis Verdegay (Universidad de Granada), Fuzzy optimization : since 1970 until today and back

Planned Special Streams of Sessions

Some special sessions on the following themes are being organized :

-  Teaching in Operations Research by James Cochran (Alabama University USA)

-  Games Theory and Mathematical Economics (in Honour of the late Prof. Monique Florenzano) by Bernard Cornet (University Paris 1, France and Kansas University USA)

-  Biostatistics by Mary Davidian ( North Caroline, University)

-  Operations Research Theory and Methods Prof. L. Robin Keller, INFORMS President (University of California, USA)

Contact LRKeller@uci.edu if you would be interested in presenting a talk in this session.

- Actuarial mathematics and risk management by Stéphane Loisiel (University Lyon 1, France)

-  Parametric Optimization by Christianne Tammer (Halle University, Germany)

- Soft Computing based Decision and Optimization Models by J.L. Verdegay (Universidad de Granada)

Mini-courses organized just before the conference

Time series : change-point detection and regime switching models
Madalina Olteanu, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

12 hrs : 9hrs + 3hrs Practical Class with R, in english

Out and About with Brownian Motion :
a mini-course on extreme-value statistics and applications

Julien Randon-Furling, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

8hrs (4 two-hour sessions), in english

More details about the contents

Practical Information and Program

The opening session will take place at the Hotel Habana Riviera, on Tuesday 8th, at 9 a.m.

Download the program

Submission of Abstracts and papers

Those researchers interested in presenting their results in the conference must submit an abstract in English of about 250 words (to appear in the Abstract Booklet) and an extended abstract (2-5pages). Standard communications should be timed for 20 minutes.

Abstracts shall have the following format

Author 1* Author 2**
* Institution 1, Country
**Institution 2, Country

Keywords : Keyword 1 ; keyword 2 ;…..

The extended abstract will be a .pdf file with following style :

Author 1* Author 2**
* Institution 1, Country
**Institution 2, Country.

Keywords : Keyword 1 ; keyword 2 ;…..
Section 1


Authors of the papers presented at the conference will be invited to submit a reviewed version to the journal Investigación Operacional with no additional cost.


Last minute change :
Deadlines for abstracts : January 31, 2016

Deadlines for abstracts : January 10, 2016

Information about acceptance of the papers : February 10, 2016


include the Welcome Party, Conference Dinner and a Volume of Abstracts :

150 cuc Foreign participants 90 cuc Foreign Students
150 cup Cubans participants 90 cup Cuban Students


Please download and fill out this form, then send it to sira@matcom.uh.cu.

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